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Jaquar Instrument Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’ is a prominent Chennai based enterprise formed during November 1998. The firm was incepted with the idea to design and develop a range of hi-tech equipment for laboratories associated with Agricultural and Environmental research. 

Our conglomerate provides an immaculate range of equipment including:

  • Automatic Kjeldahl Distillation Unit
  • Block Digestion Unit for Kjeldahl Analysis
  • Acid Fume Neutralizer
  • Water Saving System
  • Block Digestion Unit for COD Analysis
  • Solvent Extraction Unit
  • Hot Air Circulation System

With our unmatched R&D work, we have launched our products in the market by the end of 1999. Our firm is active in the design, manufacturing, sales & service of Kjeldahl based Nitrogen Analyser as well as Soxhlet based Solvent Extraction Systems and related accessories. 

We provide an efficient range of equipment to cater to the ever growing needs of the quality control circles in the field of agriculture and its allied institutions, universities & industries. With the main focus on Environmental related issues, we have designed equipment for COD analysis and are working on other segment-related products.

Our conglomerate is registered with Tamil Nadu Small & Tiny Industries Association and is also an active member of Confederation of Indian Industry, southern region and we are also memeber of The National Small Industries Corporation Limited .

Also, in November 2002 after four years of operation as a partnership enterprise, our firm was converted to a Private Limited company with the existing partners holding the major shares. 

The Indian Story

Indian economy largely depends on agriculture industry and Green Revolution made it self-sufficient in agricultural production. This had become possible with the utilization of modern scientific methods in the various domains of agricultural production.  

Estimation of nitrogen is a highly significant parameter for the Agricultural Scientists. Many Indian Scientists rely on traditional glassware equipment for estimation, rather than using advanced technology in the instrumentation. The imported instruments and equipment are very costly whereas the traditional glassware systems are cheap but inefficient. Therefore, cost factor of the equipment collection has overshadowed the disadvantages like time, cost of reagents, safety, efficiency, accuracy, repeatability, cost of estimation, etc. of the modern systems.
At this time, some of the overseas manufacturers had developed advanced techniques and were successful in marketing the products internationally. But none ventured within India to manufacture this type of equipment. Then ‘Jaguar Instrument Technologies’ entered the picture.

‘Jaguar Instrument Technologies’ has priority on Agriculture sector and the systems for estimation of macro nutrients. The enterprise decided to first design equipment of international quality for estimation of nitrogen/protein and then proceeded on to the estimation of other nutrient sources.

Areas of Application

Our product line finds its application across different sectors including:-
  • Agriculture
  • Beverages
  • Environmental
  • Feed
  • Food & Food Processing
  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceuticals   

Complete Quality Assurance

Our firm has set quality as the primary objective. Adhering to the same, our conglomerate has incepted an advanced quality control unit. This unit is equipped with all the necessary facilities of quality testing. Our pool of quality inspectors is accountable to test each and every product on certain predetermined quality parameters to ensure the set quality standards.